Number of ambassadors gained in 6 months
Revenue attributed to ambassador program in the first 6 months
Percentage increase in email marketing revenue 

Ocean and Company

Building brand awareness to grow an e-commerce company into an $8 million business.

Ocean and Company started with $25 and an idea to specialize in ocean-themed jewelry and accessories while donating a portion of each purchase to organizations that clean the ocean and help rescue marine wildlife. Ocean and Company started running ads for their Company, but the ads were not converting as high as they wanted. So, Ocean and Company turned to Power Move Marketing for help. Power Move Marketing identified a few issues that were causing Ocean & Company’s ads to be performing below expectations. PMM used a variety of digital marketing practices to contribute to Ocean and Company’s growth into an $8 million business within 3 years. 

Affiliate Marketing Program 

One of Ocean and Company’s problems was that people were unfamiliar with the brand, and there were no reviews of the company on third-party websites, such as the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot. PMM decided to create an affiliate marketing program for Ocean and Company in order to increase brand awareness and encourage people to leave reviews for the company. 

Social Media Management 

Through social media management, Power Move Marketing helped take Ocean and Company’s social media pages to the next level. PMM created layouts that were aesthetically pleasing and featured tagged photos that were from ambassadors and purchasers.

Email and Website Management 

Power Move Marketing revitalized Ocean and Company’s email flows and campaigns to increase revenue from an average of $200 an email to $1,500. PMM also optimized Ocean and Company’s website’s landing pages that were being used by ads, as well as adding new products that were determined by researching the market and current customer base.  

Number of ambassadors gained within 2 months
Increase in email recipients in 5 months
Number of Instagram followers gained within first 3 months

Gigi Raffe

Using email marketing to contribute to a company’s success.

Gigi Raffe is an apparel company that focuses on clothing that is bright, fun, and comfortable to wear! Gigi Raffe's motto is to give back, live big, and love always. Gigi Raffe donates 10% of its net profits to Giraffe Conservation Foundation to help save and protect giraffes. Gigi Raffe needed help running their social media and email marketing efforts, as well as increasing their performance in Facebook and Google ads, so they turned to Power Move Marketing for help. 

Ambassador Program 

When Gigi Raffe first reached out to Power Move Marketing, their Facebook reviews were not the best. So, PMM decided to create an ambassador program for Gigi Raffe, which now includes around 1,000 ambassadors. By utilizing the ambassadors in the program, Gigi Raffe’s Facebook reviews increased from 2.5 stars to 4.9 stars.

Email Marketing 

Power Move Marketing wanted to revitalize Gigi Raffe’s emails. Through email marketing best practices, email revenue increased by 500%. Within the first 5 months, PMM was also able to grow their email list from 2,000 to 59,000 recipients within 5 months, a 2,850% increase. 

Increase in Instagram followers within 1 month
Number of ambassadors in ambassador program
Collaborations with professional sports organizations, such as the NFL and MLB

 GO² Devices

GO² Devices is a mouthguard company that utilizes scientific prinicples to increase endurance and  VO² Max in users. Power Move Marketing refreshed  GO²'s Instagram feed to create an aesthetically-pleasing and cohesive feed. This led to an increase in over 2,000 followers within the first 30 days of Power Move Marketing's services. Through an ambassador program and collaborations with professional sports organizations, Power Move Marketing has increased  GO²'s brand awareness, which has led to over 13,000 followers on their Instagram account.

Percentage increase in website traffic from marketing launch campaigns
Times increase in follower growth in 6 months
Times increase in  average daily users on website

NAVA Pouch

Utilizing pre-launch marketing strategies to contribute to a successful launch.

NAVA Pouch came to Power Move Marketing before they even released their product. NAVA Pouch is a disposable, pre-measured pouch filled with CBD and CBG flower, and made to use with a dry-herb vaporizer. PMM used strong pre-launch strategies, as well as SEO practices, to increase the likelihood of a strong opening sales day. 

Pre-Launch Strategies

Power Move Marketing used a variety of content to contribute to NAVA Pouch’s successful launch. Varying content posted on social media channels resulted in 24% of new website traffic. Social attributed website traffic also resulted in 29% of total e-commerce revenue to-date. PMM also utilized an ambassador program to spread the word about NAVA Pouch. Currently, there are 20 active participating brand ambassadors, which is resulting in a reach of over 200,000 people.

Blogs and SEO

Power Move Marketing also used blogs and SEO practices to contribute to building up website traffic. Organic search has contributed to 43% of total e-commerce revenue to-date, as well as 21% of new website traffic. Through these marketing efforts, NAVA Pouch was able to double its expected website sales launch goals. 

Percentage increase in engagement rate in subreddit
Number of members in subreddit


NeoReach is a software program that specializes in influencer marketing. Power Move Marketing uses to run NeoReach's subreddit. This has resulted in the subreddit being ranked in Reddit's Top 10,000 Most Popular Subreddits, as well as having an increased engagement rate of 200%.

Clash App, Inc.

Helping a start-up prove to investors that they are the real deal.

Clash App started with an idea. What if a social media app, that specializes in short videos, helped content creators be able to make a living off of the content they create? Clash knew that a social media app that was made for both users and creators equally was a unique idea. But in a world with social media giants, Clash knew they had to not only get the word out but also prove to investors that there is interest in their app. That is where Power Move Marketing came to play. Power Move Marketing was a part of Clash’s omnichannel marketing strategy and specialized in organic social media. PMM knew that using other social media platforms was a great way to increase brand awareness for Clash and spread the word about the app. PMM utilized a few different strategies on social media platforms... 
 1). Content was created to notify users about new Clash features, such as the notification feature being released on the Clash app 

 2). Videos taken from the Clash app were made into Instagram Stories and Reels to showcase the content being created on Clash 

 3). Memes were featured on Clash’s social media pages to appeal to their target audience With Power Move Marketing’s help of utilizing different social media platforms, Clash was able to accomplish their goals of building brand awareness, gaining new users, and displaying this progress to investors.

Moda Kalon

Utilizing Facebook Ads to increase sales and ROAS.

Moda Kalon is a luxury alpaca fashion brand, that sources their knits and furs in a cruelty-free and sustainable process. Moda Kalon was having trouble with their sales because their average order value is high and people are unaware of what alpaca is, and how it is similar to cashmere. Moda Kalon was also having trouble with Facebook Ads, Although they were spending between $700-800 on ads, these ads were not bringing in any sales. So, Moda Kalon came to PMM for help! PMM completely revitalized Moda Kalon’s Facebook Ads. By improving their website landing page, running entirely new ads, and testing these ads through split tests, PMM was able to improve Moda Kalon’s ROAS to 2.85. Moda Kalon was also able to achieve $5,250 in sales, with a Facebook Ads spend of $1,200.

Storage Scholars

Repairing an email marketing campaign and taking it to the next level.

Storage Scholars is a luxury moving service for college students to store their belongings when they are not on campus. Storage Scholars was in trouble because their email marketing was disabled due to consistently low open rates. Storage Scholars came to PMM for help. By optimizing their emails, PMM was able to increase their open rates to 60-88%. To top it all off, Storage Scholars had their highest grossing year with PMM, and were breaking records, even with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Expedition Roasters

Creating Ads That Deliver.

Expedition Roasters is a coffee company that specializes in pop-culture-themed coffee blends. Expedition Roasters wanted to run more efficient ads for their company, which is where PMM came in! PMM ran both Facebook and Google ads for Expedition Roasters, with both platforms yielding positive results. Facebook ads had a ROAS of 4.74, with a CPC of $0.73. Google ads led to a ROAS of 2.59, and a CPC of $0.23. Through these ads, Expedition Roasters was able to successfully reach potential customers. They can hardly keep up with demand now!


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