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Power Move Marketing offers our clients the complete digital marketing experience. We are always happy to create a bundle of services to comply with our client's specific needs. Click on the services below to see what we do with each service.

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Power Move Marketing provides an array of social media management options. We use proven techniques that increase engagement, drive traffic, and produce sales while creating a beautiful social presence. We can create visually persuasive content, coordinate influencers, consistently post, answer customer direct messages, and more. Our focus is to use social media as a tool to create brand equity and form a loyal customer base, not just sell a product. Our social media management is more than only creating an aesthetically pleasing visual medium- although, we do that too!


Power Move Marketing provides an innovative and holistic social media ad experience for our clients. We are able to double and triple ROAS almost immediately with our strategic assets and copies. We utilize data to be able to make your ads as efficient and effective as possible while optimizing your landing pages and full website to increase conversion rates. We completely manage your ads every day, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google Pinterest, or any other social media platform ad!


Feeling overwhelmed about starting an affiliate program for your brand? Have no fear, Power Move Marketing is here to help. We have used a wide range of ambassador and affiliate marketing platforms such as Refersion, Brand Champ, Social Ladder, and more and can immediately elevate your program. Our management scope includes: choosing the software that is best for you, setting up program parameters, managing ambassadors, engaging ambassadors, new ambassador acquisition strategies, and more! We can also coordinate influencers of any size to create compelling campaigns to increase traffic, revenue, and brand awareness.


Power Move Marketing has the ability to not only create powerful raw images, but create persuasive graphic images. Our professional content is great for social media, websites, ads, emails, and more! With 2 photographers/videographers on staff, Power Move has the ability to quickly create quality lifestyle images, product photography, and more! We also have an array of models to bring even more diversity, excitement, and representation to your content!


Power Move Marketing is comprised of a team of e-commerce specialists. Our team has experience using Shopify, Big Commerce, Squarespace, Etsy, and an array of other e-commerce platforms. Our team will devise a personalized strategic plan that caters to your business's needs and make a strong actionable plan that will drive sales, improve your conversion rate, profitability, ROAS, and more. Whether you are just starting up, or you make 8 figures, we are seasoned e-commerce strategists who can take your business to the next level. Check out our case studies


Power Move Marketing can revolutionize your email marketing campaigns. Our team is very familiar with the major email platforms such as Klaviyo, Mail Chimp, Commerce, and more! We can revamp your current flows, increase email domain health, warm up your domain, create newsletters, promotional emails, and more to drive customers from their inbox to your website. Our clients have had revenue increases as high as 500% through our services.


Power Move Marketing can positively influence your business's public persona through our PR tactics. We secure magazine features, newspaper articles, press releases, blog articles, and more for our clients. With our help, our clients can reach new customers, increase their social proofing, and expand their reach.


Looking for a total website revamp or just want to optimize your current site? We got you covered! Power Move not only creates beautiful websites, we create websites using proven tactics to increase the quality of the customer journey; therefore, increasing conversion rates. We know what it takes to be successful in e-commerce and we utilize this knowledge to make high performing web pages.


Looking to increase your organic traffic? Look no further! Power Move has a team of blog writers dedicated to churning out blogs with SEO keywords that can actually get your site the ranking it needs to drive serious organic traffic. We have driven up to 25% of a store's traffic through our blogs alone! We will handle blog writing, alt-tagging, meta descriptions, and the actual blog upload so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the blogs!