Canva Tips and Tricks

You might have heard of Canva, a graphic design platform for all your social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content. Canva has reached over 30 million active users in June 2020. The reason being that the platform allows users to create aesthetically pleasing content with thousands of options of free and paid subscriptions features.


Canva templates jumpstart the graphic design process giving you a great foundation from which to create a polished graphic. When searching for the right template to fit your graphic-design, make sure to change your keywords around to switch through different template designs Canva has to offer such as using the words “picture” or “photo” to curate different templates that may appeal to your graphic-design aesthetic. 


An element is a part or aspect of something abstract, especially one that is essential or characteristic. When using the Canva elements feature, there are some hidden gems that can be found with specific keywords and/or codes. In order to find the right elements needed for your design, make sure you are looking under the right keyword such as “hand drawn” to get aesthetically pleasing, delicate designs. You can also use specific codes to highlight the free elements within Canva such as brand: BAAAAP7rQ8M or brand: BAAMOuJH0Ec in which the Canva elements feature will only show you the free elements available for use without a Canva Pro account. 


Resizing is to change the height, size or width of an image, window, etc. Canva magic resize allows users to resize their graphics in bulk to fit multiple pre-set formats. With this feature, you’ll never have to spend hours searching for social media aspect ratios. You will also save more time because you can resize templates to fit all your favorite platforms with just one simple click, all while being consistent with your branding. 

Canva Brand Kit

A brand kit is an easily digestible guide to your brand's visual identity. It's a quick reference to understanding the logos, colors, fonts, and messaging that represent your brand. Canva Pro users are supplied with the ‘Canva Brand Kit’ which allows users to save an enormous amount of time by saving your specific brand colors, fonts, and logos for easy and convenient access when generating your design. This feature helps users save time and stay consistent with their brand. 

Why Should You Use Canva

The Canva site has all kinds of different templates, fonts, graphic designs, etc. that allow you to generate your own on-brand esthetically pleasing content. Canva also has pre-made layouts which allow you to swap out images, change the text, font, and colors. Canva enables you to create content quickly and easily, whether you have little to no graphic design skills. It’s perfect for beginners! Whether you use your Canva-created designs online or off, you'll be able to create a large variety of engaging content that will attract your targeted prospects.

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Author: Cassandra Johnson