Five Email Marketing Tips

Mastering email marketing is essential for the success of any business. Email Marketing uses email to promote products or services while developing relationships with potential customers or clients. According to the Direct Marketing Association, you get $42 for every $1 you spend on email marketing. It is one of the most cost-effective forms of digital marketing, and it produces excellent results when done well. 

So how does a business do email marketing well? The following is a list of five tips and tricks that are a great place to start with email marketing and help you begin to take advantage of all of its excellent benefits for your business.

1. Segment Your Audience

As with any marketing strategy, it is essential to know your target audience. You must have a deep understanding of your audience and their interests. When you send out emails, you want them to be relevant to your subscribers and their unique interests. Not every email you send out is going to be relevant to each individual in your audience. That is where segmentation comes in.

Segmentation allows you to divide your audience into smaller and more targeted sub-groups. That way, you can send your audience emails that are more personalized and specific to your audience's preferences. Doing so leads to better conversion rates as the content sent to each subscriber is curated to lead the subscriber to be interested and take action.

2. Keep Your Emails Concise

Your emails need to get to the point quickly. Subscribers should not have to dig through the email to find its purpose, and they won't. Generally, people are busy and trying to get through their emails quickly. It would be best if you assumed that people would dedicate minimal time to read the emails you send.

Keeping your emails concise and straightforward makes it easier for subscribers to take action. Don’t beat around the bush, and be sure to provide a clear call to action in your emails. Make sure that your info included in your emails are valuable to your subscribers.

3. Hook Your Readers With Your Subject Line

Grab your subscriber's attention with the subject line of your email. Your open rate depends on the subject line of your email. If people never open your email, they never see your content, so the subject line is crucial.

You want to hook your readers but be sure that it is not something that could be seen as "clickbait" as that could upset your subscribers and cause them to unsubscribe. Create a subject line that is enticing and true to the content of the email. 

According to a study done by Retention Science, the best length of a subject line is six to ten words. They found that 21 percent of people opened emails with a subject line in this range.

Whatever you do, do not neglect the power of a quality subject line. Dedicate time to deciding your subject line as it can make a significant impact on your marketing efforts.

4. Make Your Emails Personable

Email marketing is best when it provides subscribers with an email that feels unique and personalized just for them. Use the power of personalization to make a customer feel special.

Personalization can be done by doing something like using a subscriber's name in an email, asking questions, or including content that is particularly relevant to that customer. That is in part why segmenting your audience is so important, as was discussed earlier.

A personal touch in any aspect of the business makes the customer feel more valued, and it is no different in email marketing. Personalizing your emails is a smart move, and it will be reelected in your conversion rates when done well.

5. Split Test Your Emails

One of the best tips for email marketing is conducting an  A/B test. A/B testing is a method in which your email audience is split into multiple segments and finding out which version of your email garners the most conversions.

A/B testing is such a great tool because it takes the guesswork out of page optimization and gives you data that helps you make the best decisions to improve your conversions.

By testing several different versions of your emails, you’ll be able to get your ideal campaign that produces the best results. A/B is a must-do for anyone seeking to improve their email marketing strategy.

These email marketing steps are great tools to step up your email marketing game. When done effectively, it will position you to receive more conversions and provide real value to your subscribers. Email marketing is worth investing the time and effort to find what works best for your company.

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Author: Alexandra Jalliet