How Do Reels Help Grow Your Instagram?

If you aren't using reels on Instagram, now is the time to start! Most if not all successful brands and influencers know that having good quality reels will help grow your Instagram. Reels allow brands to give their customers a better view of who they are and what they stand for. Like it or not, reels are here to stay!

What is a reel? 

Small, short, and shareable videos began on TikTok and became the craze. Not too long after TikTok, Instagram allowed its users to make looping videos with the audio and visuals of their choice.

Users get provided the option of large amounts of filters, stickers, and audio to add to their 15-second video. Making a reel may sound intimidating, but it is only a few simple steps:

  1. Open Reels - Swipe to the right on the home screen 
  2. Add music and/or effects - tap on the audio icon and/or the browse effects icon
  3. Record your video - tap the large circular button on the bottom of your screen 
  4. Add text and stickers - tap the smile on the toolbar 
  5. Share video - tap the right arrow at the bottom of the screen 

With just a few easy steps, you can have a reel on your profile possibly grow your Instagram in followers and interactions. 

Growing your Instagram with reels

Building a successful Instagram account comes with more time and effort than just posting a few times a week. Brands and influencers create accounts with the expectation of gaining large amounts of followers in a short time. 

Beginning your use of Instagram Reels is proven to help grow your business, with now over half a billion users creating and clicking through stories every day. Here are a few tips for using reels on your Instagram: 

  • Right now, there is less competition on the platform - posts will have an increased visibility rate 
  • Ability to find out what works for your brand through trial and error 
  • Know your ideas before posting 
  • Learn how to master the 15 second time limit - get all information in, in a short amount of time 
  • Study the performance of your reel - learn what your followers like and dislike 

When creating reels to help grow your Instagram, it is important to understand your audience and the type of content that they would like to see. Having content that does not provide interest to your audience is defeating the purpose. 

Your expertise is looked up to by your audience. Followers come to your page based on their interests and if your personality matches theirs. The more similar followers are with your content, the chance of them interacting with your account is a lot higher. 

Watching things your competitor post is just as important as what you post. It is easy to tell popular reels apart from reels that did not perform very well. You would be able to use this information to your advantage and produce reels known to be successful. Don’t copy but use the basics for your brand specifically. 

Reels are becoming the next big thing on Instagram, and being able to use them correctly and successfully will be a valuable benefit to you and your Instagram. 


Get creative with your reels and post things that embody your interests and what you believe in. Instagram Reels are quickly gaining popularity, and now is the time to step up your Instagram reel game! 

We can most likely expect that Instagram will continue coming out with new trends, but the use of reels can help your brand or business explode. 

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Author: Brooklyn Anderson