How To Bring Your Instagram Account To Life: Utilizing Reels

With social media constantly changing to stay on top of its competitors, it can be hard for a user to know how to best utilize their platforms. Instagram has been a leading social media platform now for many years, but other apps are coming in and challenging them for their spot on top - one of the apps being Tik Tok. Because of this Instagram has made adjustments by rolling out their newest feature: Instagram Reels. This addition has shown to be popular and even a great way for businesses to get their product out there in a short-form video. Although it’s proved successful, as a new tool, it can be confusing at times to use or even to know how to make a Reel. Let’s go over step-by-step on how you can bring your Instagram feed to life with Reels, and show you just how simple it really is to make them!

Choosing Your Content 

Before you can start making a reel you have to decide what you want the video to be about. So what do you need to figure out before you start making your video?

  • Do you want it to be a reel with video content or pictures? 
  • Do you want to add music or sound to your reel?
  • If it's for your business or even your personal feed, are you going to have it match your aesthetic and use the same filters?
  • Once you post the reel are you going to keep it on your profile grid or have it strictly under reels on your profile?

You might be thinking what are some of these things or do they all even matter? The answer is yes! When making a reel you want to pay attention to even what seems like the littlest details. So, how exactly do you start making a reel?

Creating An Instagram Reel

There are different ways to make reels from creating them directly on the Instagram app to using other apps or websites. Using Instagram directly allows you to eliminate the "middle man” and might be easier for your first try. So here are some of the key steps for creating your reel. 

  1. On the Instagram, app click the plus sign like you're going to create a new post, and at the bottom click reels 
  2. This will open reels allowing you to create your own, so now you can either go through your camera roll and choose pictures or a video for your reel or you can press the movie play button and begin recording for your reel.
  3. Once you have finished with the content you can begin adding and editing.
  4. On the left are all of the effects such as filters and other tools to help with the reel. There is also a button that says 1X this allows you to control the speed of the video if you want to make it go slower or faster. 
  5. You can add music to the reel by clicking the music note icon and searching for your favorite tunes. 
  6. In the top left corner, there is a gear icon which is the setting that allows you to decide if you want to make this post to your reels or your story 
  7. Once you have finished with all of the editing and music, you can click the white arrow pointing right.
  8. From here you can add text, draw on the reel, add stickers, a location, or simply keep going forward. 
  9. You will then click "Share to" in the bottom right corner and here you will come up with a caption, hashtags, have the chance to tag anyone, or save it as a draft.
  10. If you are done with the reel and have finished with the caption you can now press share! Then it will post onto others' feed and also go onto your profile.

Making An Aesthetic Page 

Now that you’ve posted this reel, although it might be matching the filters on your page, it can disrupt the layout of your feed at times, so how can you fix this? Once you’ve posted the reel, click the three dots and click “remove from profile grid” which still allows for your reel to be on everyone’s feed and seen but will remove it from your grid and will put It under your reels. This is a great way to keep the flow of your page consistent but still allowing your followers to view your reel while scrolling on their timeline! 

Trying Something New 

Whether you are running a business account and wanting to promote a product or your services or if you are simply wanting to add a fun short clip to your personal feed, a reel is a way to go. With endless customizable options and now a step by step guide, you can set your account apart from the rest.

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Author: Emma Whitehead