How to Determine the Best Hashtag Strategy for your Brand

With so many people creating and posting content each day, it is hard for content to be noticed and stand out.  

If you are wanting your content to be seen by a larger audience, hashtags are the best way to introduce your content to more people who may be interested in your brand. 


What is a Hashtag?

Hashtags are the ‘#’ sign in front of a word or phrase. You can use a hashtag by adding them to your content captions or comments for more engagement. The phrase or word hashtagged acts as a keyword that is searchable when you click it and adds content to be viewed and searched by an even larger audience. 

You can use hashtags for your content but it is especially beneficial to businesses and brands.


What are the Benefits of Hashtags?

With hashtags being a source to help explore content under this keyword, Hashtags can help bring unexpected engagement to your content. A pro-tip from The Social Pilot states “Remember to keep profile public for hashtags to work their magic”. 

Hashtags can help build your community by using hashtags related to your niche. This can help bring another set of people to your page if they are looking for pages to follow in your niche. This also helps when people post about their experiences, they will want to use your hashtag. 

Using Hashtags can help increase your following and engagement.


What Hashtags Should I Use? 

Now that we know how to add hashtags to our posts, we can figure out what hashtags we want to use. When using hashtags on your posts,  Later suggests that there are 5 different hashtags you should consider.

The first kind of hashtags to use on your post would be location-based hashtags. This is based on your city, state, or country. This can also be the location the photo was taken such as “#CentralPark” or “#CaesaersPalace”.

Branded Hashtags that include events or your brand would be another type of hashtag to utilize. These can be “#Coachella2022” or “#PowerMoveMarketing.”

One of the most popular hashtags that all brands should use is industry hashtags. These are hashtags that describe your niche, like “#SocialMediaManagers” or “#MarketingSpecialist.”

Community-focused hashtags are great to help bring a community of people together. These kinds of hashtags look like “#Nomadlife” or “#LQBTQ”

Using descriptive hashtags is great because they describe the content of your actual post, like “#Marketingtips” or “#Naturalproducts” 

Having a Strategy 

You are now using the right hashtags for your content. It is time to put them to action and see what is working for your content. You can see how well your hashtags are performing by using a free analytics tool such as the one that Later has.

Hashtags are an amazing way to reach new audiences and grow your account, but it takes time and effort to see big results. Need help coming up with your hashtag strategy? Contact Power Move Marketing to help you grow your account.



Author: Jenessy Williams