How To Utilize Instagram Reels for Small Businesses

Instagram Reels are a great tool for building your brand and business. One of the main reasons is that short-form video content like Reels can reach a large pool of users that would otherwise be very difficult to. Reels are especially useful for smaller businesses that may be struggling to reach a larger audience than their current followers. Here is a breakdown of how to utilize Instagram Reels as a part of your own social media presence and overall strategy. 

What is a Reel?

With the advent and rise of TikTok, short-form content has been more popular than ever. Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and many others have seen an increase in short and easily digestible videos shared on their platforms. 

Reels allow Instagram users to share up to 30 seconds of content with their followers. Reels also allow users to add music, change the speed of the recording, use filters, add stickers or text, and so much more. This makes the feature practically invaluable to small businesses looking for an easy and interactive way to reach their audience. 

How to Utilize Reels for Small Businesses

As stated above, Reels are a great tool for growing your business. Yet, what are some specific ways to use them? 

  1. Show off your workplace. Reels can be used to show off your workspace, allowing your audience to get a better feel of your company and team. A great place to start is by showing your desk or perhaps a short overview of your office. Adding music and fun effects will be sure to make your Reel even more enjoyable!
  2.  Interview your team. Short interviews with your coworkers are another fantastic way of showing off your company and what it stands for. Because Reels are short, keep these interviews brief, perhaps by asking each person what their favorite aspect of their job is, or what product is their favorite. 
  3. Inform your audience. If you use infographics on your Instagram stories or as posts, you can also use Reels in a similar fashion. Create informational videos using pre-made templates or custom content that will both draw your audience in and share a more in-depth look at your company. A good place to start is by explaining your brand ethos or the main goal of your company through one of these Reels.
  4. Follow trends. Following trends you see on the internet is a fantastic way of garnering attention for your business. If there is a current Tik Tok dance trend or a viral song that could be adapted to your business, you can create a Reel using it. This will help you connect with your viewers and simultaneously grow your audience.
  5. Display your product. If your brand makes a product or offers a service that can be displayed in a video, Reels are a great place to do so. Just like showing your audience your office space, by exhibiting your goods and services you are allowing them an insider look into the daily happenings of your business. This will generate interest in your company and will draw in Instagram users that may have been unfamiliar with your brand before seeing your Reel. 
  6. Reuse content. If your company has a Tik Tok or YouTube that you often utilize, you should consider sharing this content on your Instagram as well. You can edit these videos so they are compatible with Reels and then share them with your Instagram followers, thereby reaching a different audience and using your content to its fullest potential. 
  7. Interact with followers. Interacting with your followers with Reels is another great way to expand your reach. Often on social media, followers of a company will give suggestions for what they would like to see in terms of content. If you are looking for fun Reel ideas make a quick video asking for suggestions in the comments section! This is a perfect way to not only create content but correspond with the people that view your posts. 
  8. Use customer feedback. The great thing about being a small business is that typically you have a closer connection to your customers than a larger business does. Reels are a perfect way to capitalize on this fact. Ask for customer testimonials and edit them into a Reel that is entertaining to watch. Choose a fun song or use an intriguing filter that works with your brand’s overall aesthetic. This is a very simple and effective way of promoting your products while still making content that is entertaining.  
  9. Promote your events. It is clear that Reels are great for promotion so using them to announce updates, upcoming events or sales is a useful option. If your business sells a product you can show the process of preparing for the upcoming event or sale as a means of promotion. If your business is more service-based then you can make a video exhibiting this service! 
  10. Draw from your experiences. It is important to recognize your position as a small business and see the ways in which this can work for you. Create a Reel explaining your experiences as an entrepreneur and the struggles and successes you have faced. This is not only a good way to interact with your audience but also to reach other entrepreneurs and small business owners who may have not known of your company otherwise. 

How do you Create a Reel?

Now that you have a good idea of what Reels to create it is time to get started! 

  1. Login to your business’ Instagram via the Instagram mobile app. 
  2. On the front page of your Instagram home page click on the square with a plus sign in the middle of it. This can be found in the upper right-hand corner. 
  3. From here click on the button titled “Reel.”
  4. Now you can get to creating! Choose whatever effect you want or film a video without one by holding the button in the center of the screen. 
  5. After you have filmed your content, hit the button that reads “Preview” and watch your video back, making sure it is how you would like it to be. 
  6. Finally, click on the button that says “Next” and then hit the button that reads “Share.” 
  7. Congratulations you have just posted your first Reel!


Short-form content is here to stay and will likely grow in the coming months and years. Because of this, small businesses need to start using this type of content as soon as possible. 

Luckily, Reels are a great way of building an audience and are the perfect starting point for any business interested in utilizing shorter videos. 

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Author: Lindsay Pelliccia