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All About the New Instagram Verification Rollout

For many years, Instagram and Facebook verifications have only been accessible to a select few creators. The past verification criteria has included possessing a public profile representing your true identity, as well as being a name that is the result of many searches. While there are a plethora of individuals and businesses who may meet the criteria for verification, only some are rewarded that coveted blue badge. However, a recent update from Meta is soon going to make that all change. A range of different users are soon going to be able to have a chance to receive a verification. Details below. 

Who is this feature available to and when?

Starting in late February 2023, Instagram and Facebook are rolling out a new feature in which essentially any user can dress up their profile with a verification badge by simply paying a monthly fee - all you need is a government ID! The rollout is supposed to start in Australia and New Zealand before then expanding to other countries.

What does the pricing look like?

Depending on whether you are using web or mobile, the badge on your Instagram or Facebook profile is going to be accessible for the monthly fee of $11.99 or $14.99. 

How is this feature going to benefit brands?

The intention behind this feature is to promote legitimacy in accounts. This may actually have some important benefits for brands and businesses who are using these social media platforms. When users see a blue verification badge on the accounts they love, it gives them a sense of security and faith in the authenticity of the brand, which is vital if they are going to be making purchases through them. With this new feature, many small businesses are going to be able to look more professional on paper as well as prove their credibility. However, this brings about the question of whether the verification will still hold the same value if more users have it. This rollout will definitely change the dynamic of accounts on Instagram and Facebook — in what ways, we have yet to find out. 

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Author: Alix Skinner