Social Media Insider: Which Platform To Use & How To Use It

Over 3.48 billion people use social media worldwide! That's almost half of the world's population that is accessible to you right through your fingertips! If you're having trouble growing your business or relating to your audience, taking your business to social media is the perfect solution. But if you want to communicate your brand's message well and optimize your time spent on social media, it's important to know which social media platform to use and what you should be posting. 

While this information might seem overwhelming, don't worry. We'll break down some of the five most important and popular social media platforms and give you the inside scoop of opportunities and trends within the apps, as well as user breakdowns, so you know how to target your potential audience!


Founded: 2004

Active Monthly Users: 2.7 billion 

Facebook is the number one platform for adults, but users range across all ages and demographics. Facebook has an extensive reach, and there's no doubt your target audience is on the network, looking to connect with friends and family and get their daily dose of news and brand content.

 Along with the 2.7 billion monthly users, there are 1.4 billion groups, and users spend an average of 35 minutes per day on the platform. Take advantage of those minutes your audience is likely to spend on the app and grab their attention with a specific call to action, a Facebook Live video stream, a Facebook ad, or create a Facebook group specific to your company for customers to join! 

User Breakdown: 54% female 46% male 

Facebook has such a wide variety of users that if you stay true to your brand's messaging and mission and keep engaging with users, you will be able to keep extending your reach and build a community! 


Founded: 2006

Active Monthly Users: 330 Million

User Breakdown: 50% female 50% male 

Twitter: also known as the microblogging site! With 140 characters, Twitter is the platform where users share short posts called tweets. Twitter is popular among organizations, companies, politicians, and the average social media user. Twitter allows users to interact and reach any person or business, making it a popular platform for customer service. Remember, with only 140 characters, strive for content within your tweets and make every character count! 

But what should you tweet about? Keep your tweets in line with your company's branding and mission statement. You may want to share research-related tweets or news articles about your company. Twitter is also a place to share short, witty comments -- so don't be afraid to embrace the company's humorous side as well! Other subjects you might be interested in tweeting about could include: 

  • News items that feature your business
  • Links to any blogs you've written
  • Questions to invite feedback 
  • Replies to other people's tweets
  • Retweets from other people's tweets

77% of Twitter users have a better impression of a brand when they respond to a tweet, so keep engaging with users! 


Founded: 2010

Active Monthly Users: 1 billion 

User breakdown: 51% female 49% male

Instagram is currently the fastest growing social media platform! Instagram is a social networking app for sharing photos and videos. With an account on Instagram, you can interact with other users by following them, liking photos, commenting, private message, and you can even save photos you see on Instagram! Along with 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram has 500 million active daily users who, on average, spend 53 minutes a day on the app! 

Instagram is not only a social networking app, but it's also essential for marketing and promoting your company! With IGTV, Instagram Stories, Reels, Hashtags, and Posts, Instagram has given users the creative freedom to share intriguing and engaging visual content! Take advantage of the tools Instagram gives you and maybe go on Instagram Live and do a Q & A with customers, or you could do polls on your stories to increase engagement! These are just a few of the many possibilities Instagram offers! 


Instagram also uses data analytics (insights) which directly helps you see what's working or not working. And it also enables you to gauge what content your customers or audience are interested in seeing! Analytics are a beneficial tool if you're trying to get your company off the ground and improve engagement! 


Founded: 2002

Active Monthly Users: 260 million 

User breakdown: 43% female 57% male 

Demographics: 30-49-year-olds make up the largest group of LinkedIn users

LinkedIn is the social networking site for business professionals and B2B social media marketing. Through this social networking site, you have the opportunity to connect and network with CEOs, business owners, and other professionals. If you already have an established business, LinkedIn can still help you win over new clients or customers and build your professional reputation and connect you with potential business partners and opportunities for growth. 

Starting on LinkedIn is simple, create your profile and then start connecting with people you might know. You can also join LinkedIn groups, which are spaces where professionals and experts in a particular field can share content, ask questions, post job openings, and network with others! If you are looking to build your professional network and get your business some attention among other professionals, LinkedIn is a great place to get connected! 


Founded: 2010

Active Monthly Users: 322 million   

User Breakdown: 80% female 20% male 

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like style, home decorating, recipes, inspiration, DIY, and more! Tailor your home feed to your liking with recommendations based on your interests. Users can create boards and pin (add) any pictures, which generally correspond to a specific theme. The images you save and share will build your brand's aesthetic on this platform!

You will find success on Pinterest by creating a community and building a community. It could be helpful to share your Pinterest account on your other social media platforms! Next, make sure you choose the right category to share content to -- this will help your Pins and boards become more searchable. Lastly, once users find your account make sure to use aesthetically pleasing photos and videos. Having an established aesthetic will help you promote your brand and stand out from the competition. 


If you have a predominantly female audience or are targeting a female audience -- these demographics might be a compelling reason to invest in social media marketing for Pinterest.

Get Connected! 

Here's hoping that you are now well equipped with the knowledge to connect with the right social media platform for you or your business! If you want to grow, it's time to adapt to the world's ways and get digital! Keep following Power Move Marketing for helpful social media, tips, and tricks! No need to feel overwhelmed; we are here to help!



Author: Kate Perko