The Latest Instagram Updates: What's Happening?

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has been a popular social media platform for sharing photos and videos. Instagram has been making changes at breakneck speed, so it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest updates. We’ve put together this list for you with some helpful tips and tricks about using new features that may be useful in your business! 

In July of 2022, Instagram announced significant updates that will affect how users interact with the app. Here are the most significant changes to be aware of:

1. Instagram Reels Templates and Dual Features

Instagram is serious about making it easy for every user to create a reel. They’re providing pre-built templates that you can use with just one tap, and they’ve made things so simple by including all the features in these creative stories themselves!

With Templates, you can create your reel in minutes. You’ll be able to see more people using the Reels video format with this simple click of a button! Doing this will motivate people and help them create Reels, even if they are just beginning.

Instagram not only has new Reels templates, but users can now record their take on what’s happening simultaneously. This means you’ll be able to use both front and back cameras while recording your videos for perspective!

2. Instagram Maps update

Instagram is making strides in the map world. The new map update includes an option to search for local businesses by category, opening up more possibilities when finding places near you!

The new Instagram search map is a great way to find businesses near you and get more information about them. This can be useful when looking for specific types of businesses or just wanting to explore what’s around!

To use the new Instagram search map, you need to search for a city or a nearby location:

  • Once you are on the Instagram Map, zoom out and click Search this area.
  • The search results will bring businesses categorized by their industry or type.
  • You can click on Yoga Studios, Hotels, Cafes, etc.
  • Power Move Marketing believes this is just the start for Instagram Maps, and we will see more features in the future.

3. Instagram Subscriptions New Features

Creators are the future of Instagram.

Creators are the ones who are driving its growth, and the team behind Instagram is making a massive bet on the creators’ innovation.

And the basis of the success is, of course, the tools that Instagram can provide to help them make more money.

Subscriptions are a great way to allow creators to get recurring revenue and a sustainable income stream.  

Now, Instagram announced updates and the addition of Subscriptions. Here are the new subscriber options:

  • Chats – invite subscribers to a group chat
  • Reels – post Instagram Reels for subscribers only
  • Posts – post Instagram Reels for subscribers only
  • Home – a new tab in the profile for all content available only to subscribers.

With this update, Subscribers will have exclusive access to the latest videos from your channel. Create Reels or Instagram posts that they can only see by being a subscriber for it not to be missed! You’ll also find some new tools dedicated solely to managing subscriptions on our end - so don’t forget about them when launching these special episodes just yet ;)

However, some new updates that were implemented on Instagram are now being rolled back.  

Instagram rolls back TikTok-like features. 

The new features that Instagram just rolled out to a few Instagram accounts have caused quite the controversy. Influencers and celebrities alike, including The Kardashians, had negative things to say about it- even American television personality Chrissy Teigen chimed in on her thoughts!

With the new Instagram features, full-screen video feeds were introduced that focused on reels and overwhelming recommendations for posts from accounts not followed by users.

After the disapproval for trying to imitate TikTok, the social media platform has announced to reduce or pause these test features. Instagram head Adam Mosseri shared a video on 26 July 2022, saying that Instagram will shift to a more video-oriented future while “continuing to support photos.”

In the Platformer newsletter, Mosseri said, “I’m glad we took a risk — if we’re not failing every once in a while, we’re not thinking big enough or bold enough.”

He also said, “But we definitely need to take a big step back and regroup. When we’ve learned a lot, then we come back with some sort of new idea or iteration. So we’re going to work through that.”

However, there isn't any further information on when Instagram will reintroduce the features or what adjustments will be made to the new ones. 

The Takeaway

We’ve outlined the latest Instagram updates in July of 2022. These updates include new templates for Reels, dual features for accounts with multiple businesses or managers, a new Maps update, and subscriptions-based features. We’ve also discussed how Instagram has rolled back some of its more recent changes (such as the TikTok-like features) in response to feedback from users and marketers. 

If you want to stay ahead of the curve on all things Instagram, visit our website or contact us today. Our team at Power Move Marketing is excited to help you take your business to the next level with successful social media marketing campaigns!



Author: Kristi James