Tik Tok Business vs. Creator Accounts

TikTok has made its mark, and it is here to stay. People use TikTok for many things, but the two main types are business accounts and content creation accounts. Knowing the difference between the two of them is essential to figure out what kind of account your brand should utilize. We will go over the differences between the accounts to help you figure out which is the best fit!

What is a Business Account? 

A TikTok business account is a professional, public account with access to the app’s entire suite of marketing tools. This type of account is perfect for businesses or brands looking to get involved on the platform and create a cohesive marketing strategy.

A business account allows you access to all the marketing tools you need. The tools include TikTok analytics, TikTok ads, a commercial music library, and the Business Creative Hub. Access to these features is a great way to monitor your performance and ensure your brand is on target with the right audience. 

A business account also allows you to create your own TikTok store or e-commerce storefront.  You can highlight your products on the app, making it extremely easy for customers to purchase. 

TikTok business accounts can be connected to your Sprout Social account. Sprout Social is a commonly used social media management tool. Linking your business account makes it easy to plan calendars, schedule content, and monitor performance.

Unfortunately, you have a limited library of sounds when having a business account, making it challenging to use trending sounds. A business account only has access to royalty-free, commercial sound clips. Because of this, you also have limited stitching and duet options. You can only stitch and duet videos with royalty-free, commercial sound clips. 

What is a TikTok Creator Account? 

A TikTok creator account is also considered a personal account. With a creator/personal account, influencers can still partner with brands, become verified, and grow a massive following.

Creator accounts have access to the entire sound library; no sound is off-limits. These accounts can also stitch and duet any video with any sound as long as the account has its duets turned on. With a creator account, you have access to TikTok analytics and the potential to promote your videos. Another big thing you can do with a creator account is join the Creator Fund, a way to monetize your account. 

Unfortunately, with a creator account, you cannot add a website to your profile. You must have at least 1,000 followers to add a link. You also cannot connect to Sprout Social or another social media management tool with a creator account. 

The Takeaway  

To figure out which kind of account you should make, look at all the pros and cons of each account type to see which one is indeed worth it. Once you’ve weighed all the benefits and limitations, choose your account type and stick with it. Although TikTok lets you switch account types, it’s better to stick with the account type you choose for the extent of your time on the platform. 

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Author: Lauren Washko