Update: Here's What You Need to Know About Captions on Instagram Reels

If you use Instagram Reels or enjoy watching them, then the new Reel caption update is something you should look forward to! 

Announced recently by Instagram, the new caption update promises that “the process of captioning content” will be more “seamless for creators while making Instagram more accessible for members of the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities, in addition to people who consume video with sound-off.”


Auto-Generated Captioning


The primary goal of this update is to introduce auto-generated captioning to Reels. This means that creators will no longer have to turn on or edit captions manually by using the Captions Sticker. Instead, captions will be turned on automatically making the process of creating accessible content easier. 

If you wish to turn off automatic captioning either when creating or viewing content there are only a few steps you need to follow.

When creating videos:

  • Click “Advanced Settings” in the upload flow.
  • Turn off the captions by clicking the “Captions Off” switch. Keep in mind that this will disable captioning in all of your videos going forward. 

When viewing videos:

  • Click on the overflow menu and then click “Manage Captions.”
  • Use the switch to turn off captioning. 


AR Closed Captions


AR or Augmented Reality captions will also be available with this update. Similar to AR filters used in Instagram Stories, AR captions are stylized closed captions. Instagram explains that this form of captioning will “let you easily elevate your video in fun and creative ways.”

AR captioning will be available in several forms such as text message chat bubbles or “Bubble Captions”, words that appear to spew from your mouth or “Mumble Captions”, and even comic book speech bubbles or “Comic Captions.” These effects can be found in the “Effects Gallery.”

To turn on AR captions there are several steps you must take:

  • Open the Instagram camera. 
  • Select the effects icon either before recording or after uploading a video from the gallery.
  • Search for your desired AR caption and click on it. 
  • Record using this effect or apply it to the video you uploaded. 




This new update will have a big effect on content creation. Because Reels have become very relevant due to the rise in popularity of short-form video content they are often prioritized by the Instagram algorithm. This means that Reels are one of the best ways to reach an audience that is outside of your following. With this new update, Reels can now reach even more Instagram users who may have been excluded due to accessibility concerns. This will make Reels an even more effective tool for content creators. 

This new update also means that Instagram is becoming more accessible for disabled individuals. It also suggests that more accessibility updates are to come. With the advent of AR and auto-generated captioning, this update will help create a more creative and inclusive Instagram experience. 

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Author: Lindsay Pelliccia