Why Your Brand Should Be on TikTok

Despite what you may have heard, TikTok is not just for Gen Z. TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms and a hotspot for advertisement. TikTok has over one billion monthly active users and over 138 million active users in the U.S. (Crazy!) 57% of TikTok’s users are female and 43% are male. In regards to age, 35% of users are between the ages of 19-29 whereas 28% are under 18. Did you see those stats? This is a large range and number of potential users you could reach. Is your brand on TikTok? If not, we are here to let you in on why you should be!

What is TikTok and Why Should I Care?

TikTok is currently the social media platform with the most opportunities to “go viral”. This opportunity to reach the masses comes from the way the platform was created. There is a never-ending push of new content on the users’ “for you” page. This feature is where users spend most of their time. The “for you page” is what the user is brought to when initially opening the app. TikTok says, here the user is presented with a continuous stream of videos curated to their interests. This feed is curated through a recommendation system based on user interactions, video information, and account settings. By employing this format TikTok encourages the user to stay on the app longer. Ergo increasing the chance that your content could come across their page. With every user who watches a video in full, the more that video will be pushed out to other users. 

As you may have noticed, TikTok started the short-form content craze that we are now seeing other platforms that are trying to mimic its success (Instagram Reels). Because of this, TikTok is known to be casual, fast, punchy, and light-hearted. Are you starting to see the appeal?

Do You Align With TikTok?

Though the platform has significantly taken off for creators, it is important to consider that TikTok may not be right for every business. You should examine your brand and determine if/where your target audience aligns with the app’s users before jumping to create a profile. To help you with that process, here are Forbes surefire signs that you should give the platform a try: 

  • You have a younger target audience. (16-30 year-olds)
  • You are looking to expand awareness of your brand to a younger audience.
  • You can easily showcase your products/services in a video.
  • Your brand aligns with sharing light-hearted content.
  • Your team is open to trying something new.
  • You don’t mind spending time experimenting with types of content and the platform’s algorithm.

TikTok for Business

Have you decided that your brand should be on TikTok? Amazing! When TikTok first launched their business accounts in June of 2020, they made the statement urging businesses, “don’t make ads, make TikToks”. This platform is the time to show off your authenticity and allow consumers to connect with you and your brand organically and on a personal level. 

On TikTok, everyone has the tools to create. This means that you no longer need to spend excessive amounts of money on a large-scale production in order to create content that connects with the audience. In fact, content is encouraged not to be on a cinematic level. Users care more about the meaning behind the content and its authenticity rather than the production value. Kantar ranked TikTok as #1 globally for ad equity two years in a row. For brands that embrace the culture of TikTok, they will find that the audience is there.

Another great thing about TikTok for businesses is influencers. You will notice that influencers on the micro and macro scale are all over this app. Partnering with these individuals is another way to reach new consumers in your target audience and help build the desired trust with their followers and your brand.

How Power Move Marketing Can Help:

  • Lack time to create videos? Lack of unique ideas? That is why we are here. Help us help you! 
    • Creating video content can be time-consuming, even with short-form content. This is especially true when it comes to planning for crisp transitions and an effortless clean finish. All while maintaining the essence of what TikTok is for. Let us run your TikTok. You can get involved in the TikTok space and know your brand’s mission is in good hands without having to constantly come up with ideas and schedule posts.
  • Don’t know where to start or what type of videos align with your brand without sounding like a radio ad? 
    • We will come up with a brand deck that aligns with your company’s voice and mission statement.
  • Don’t have time to stay on top of trends or trending audios? 
    • It is our job to do so!
  • Desire to expand and reach a new audience but don’t know where to start?
    • We do. While understanding what you have already created and stand for we will not only embrace but showcase your brand in the best way possible to your desired audience. 

We would be surprised if now you still don’t see why your brand should be on TikTok. Change and trying new things are always hard but we know when it is worth it. If one never tries something new they will never grow. We at Power Move Marketing are here to aid you in your journey. This is only the start, email us and we will make the real pitch. Let’s make power moves together!




Author: Kayli Berardinelli