How to Get Hired at Power Move Marketing

Here at Power Move Marketing, we believe in something called upward mobility - the ability for employees to enter at one level and “climb a ladder” of jobs with progressively more responsibility.

In general, the potential for mobility within an organization is a very strong factor in the retention of employees. Since we are a remote firm, it is exceedingly difficult to hire outside of our network because we don’t get to know the candidates beyond a resume and a Zoom call. 

Like what you hear so far? Keep reading for the five steps needed to secure a position here at PMM. 


1. Become an intern 

The first step to getting hired at PMM is to apply for our internship program. We hire about 20-40 interns per semester, working in a variety of areas such as marketing, graphic design, photography, videography, blogging, and more. 

We have an internship program twice a year, one for the fall semester and one for the spring. Applying for an internship is very easy and a very low-stress process! If you have any questions, you can email

A few people on both our staff and internship program have already graduated from college, so if that’s you, please don’t count yourself out! We are still very interested in potentially having you as part of our team.  

2. Excel during your internship

If you are invited to join our internship program, do your best to go above and beyond and put in the extra effort. We look for candidates who have an outstanding work ethic because that is what it takes to work in digital marketing. 

All of our hires have started as interns who worked hard and stood out from the rest. Since we take on a good amount of interns per semester, it can be very competitive to secure a position. However, we pay attention to those who show that they truly want it and do what they can to make the most of their internship. 

Our internship program allows us to mold our next crop of potential PMM account managers, project managers, bloggers, and more. So, in order to excel, ask questions, learn as much as you can, and take every project you work on to the next level!

3. Communicate that you’d like to join the team as staff 

During your internship, let your account manager know that you’d like to potentially be part of the team after your internship is over. 

It doesn’t have to be super formal, either! Just a quick text or email letting them know that you’re interested and would like to be considered for the team is enough. 

4. Earn a part-time role 

After your internship, you can potentially be hired for a part-time role with the firm. Since a lot of our interns are still in college, we want to work with your class and/or life schedule as best as possible, while still allowing you to be part of the team. Our part-time roles often serve as account associates rather than managers, assisting all account managers with their clients at a higher, more complex level than internship tasks.

5. Transition to full-time 

To potentially transition to full-time, we look for someone who has continually stood out in both their internship and part-time role, and someone we know will be a great asset. 

Our team wants someone that we’ve seen grow in their skills and who we know will add so much value to the company. If you are hired, you will be able to work in an area that you can truly thrive in and that will serve your skillset well. 

The Importance of an Outstanding Work Ethic 

As we mentioned above, we highly value an outstanding work ethic. We don’t want someone who will only do the bare minimum or rush their work. 

We take pride in everything we do for the clients - everything from blog posts to analytics, to social media posts. Our clients trust us to grow them as a brand, and they deserve nothing short of an outstanding work ethic from every person on our team. 

We don’t say this to scare you! We just want you to know that we have gotten as far as we have because of the work we have put in and we don’t want that to slow down any time soon.  


Qualities We’re Looking For 

Here are some of the qualities we want to see in a potential power move maker: 

  • A great communicator - We all work remotely, so it is especially important to communicate extremely well with account managers and coworkers. 
  • Excited to learn - We want someone who brings their skills to the table, but also knows they still have so much to learn and are excited to grow their skillset. 
  • Goes above and beyond with anything they are faced with - No matter what project is given, we want to see creativity, effort, and a step above the rest. 
  • Passionate about the company - We’re not only a marketing company; we’re a group of people who support each other by supporting our clients and are passionate about making true power moves. 
  • Takes accountability - Mess up on a project? No biggie, we all make mistakes; but don’t blame someone else - we each need to take responsibility for what’s ours. 
  • Willing to help others - We’re a team, not people competing against each other. We all help out where we can. 

Of course, we’re looking for technical skills, such as marketing, social media, graphic design, photography, and anything else you can bring. However, we can teach you what you need to know. What’s important is that we can rely on you to bring all the above skills to our team! 


Getting hired at PMM is a totally transparent process and we are happy we can walk you through it. We believe strongly in upward mobility and we want you to always feel that you have an opportunity to grow with us if you become part of the team one day. 

If this sounds like something you’d like to pursue, there’s no better day than today. Let’s help you make some power moves