How to Get More Instagram Followers

Whether you’re aiming to grow your brand’s reach on Instagram or you’re an aspiring influencer who’s looking to make some brand deals, there are many reasons you might want to gain more Instagram followers. While there’s no “get followers quick” scheme for organic growth, these tips in this blog post are sure to help gain traction in the algorithm and grow your audience.

Know your audience

Knowing who you’re making content for and why you think they should see your content specifically is key for any user on Instagram. No matter what you post about, there are sure to be people who will want to follow along. Leaning into a niche and unique topics, however, could be your best bet when it comes to gaining a consistent, dedicated audience.

Make sure to check Instagram’s built-in analytics features for business accounts every so often so you can take stock of your current audience. What are the age, gender, and regional makeup statistics like? Knowing these stats will help you to tailor your content to these specific demographics.

Create consistent content

Consistency is another key in gaming the Instagram algorithm. Not only will your audience appreciate consistent posts that all have a cohesive and unified feel to them when looking at your profile grid, but rolling out content every day will increase your chances of showing up in a non-followers feed through hashtags or searches.

Posting consistently shows people who use Instagram regularly that you’re someone worth their time and one who is serious about using Instagram as a tool to both interact with and grow your audience.

Aim to post at least one profile grid post a day, with multiple story posts interspersed throughout. Consider the aesthetics of your profile grid and highlights as well. Make sure a non-follower can visit your profile and understand who you are and what you’re about without having to scroll through an endless amount of posts or tapping through every single one of your stories.

Use keywords to stand out in searches

Keywords are another important part of growing your follower count by allowing non-followers to find you in the first place. Keywords can be used in both your captions and hashtags – think of them as specific words and phrases that can be directly associated with what you’re posting about.

For example, if your brand is selling a product or service you might include the phrase “small business” somewhere in your post. Understanding keywords and SEO optimization for Instagram and other social media posts can be complex, but it’s essential to have some knowledge on the topic in order to up your Instagram marketing game.

Easy things you can do to attract followers

Again, there’s no one clear path to gaining organic growth quickly, but there are some simple things you can do right now to set your Instagram profile and branding up for success:

  • Set a profile picture, bio, and highlight covers
  • Interact with your current audience
  • Add a bio link tool to increase traffic
  • Use comment moderation to filter out bots and spam profiles
  • Archive/delete any posts that don’t fit your current cohesive brand identity

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Author: Louise Irpino