How To Have A Successful Photoshoot Even In COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have significantly more downtime. As we practice social distancing to flatten the curve, you might notice that you are "missing out" on the photo opportunities with family and friends in the past.

Don’t worry, there are still ways to take fun solo pictures or pictures with family around the house! I’m here to give you a few tips about enhancing your everyday photography skills with some photoshoot ideas.

First Up, Use Lightroom Presets!

Utilize Lightroom presets! There are so many reasons why you should use them. First, they are very simple to use. You simply choose one of the presets that you have in Lightroom on the list of imported custom presets. You can apply these presets to large quantities of photos at the same time.

They save you the time and energy that you might spend editing a photo. Presets are similar to a template, and can make your photography much more efficient! Also, with presets, you can apply the same edits and treatment to all of your photos. This will make your photos look like each other and give them your personal touch.

Using Lightroom Presets might not always automatically finish your editing on each photo. However, you will only need to do some minor adjustments to each picture after applying the preset. 

Finally, they are surprisingly very affordable! Most of the presets are sold at an affordable price. Occasionally, they are sold in bundles and you can get multiple presets at once.

Where to Shoot your Photos?

The pandemic might have limited your venues to take your photos. However, you can still take amazing pictures around your home or outdoor spots in your hometown!

If you are comfortable, research socially distanced photogenic spots in your hometown. Google is a great resource for finding places near you to take beautiful pictures.

Your house is also a great place to take more pictures. You can take them with no hassle and without having to hurry for the next person in line. 

Your house is also where you are your most comfortable and realized self. You can allow your personality to shine through the pictures. 

Nevertheless, where can you take your pictures in your home? How can you spice up these pictures and make them different from your everyday selfies?

Here are some ideas:

Use Props

Props are a great way to add personality to any picture. You can show off your creative side by holding objects that are meaningful to you, your family, or that relate to your hobbies.

These objects can help show the story of your life and showcase your authentic personality! Don’t be afraid to experiment with all types of props: vintage, silly, or personal. A prop can set the mood for your picture. But, crazy, fun props can add some excitement as well!

Add Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful addition to any picture! It can be nice to add flowers to your pictures, both indoors and outdoors. 

They add interest to your photo and can become the focal point. Be sure to choose the right color flowers that match your outfit, eyes, home, or whatever background you’re using. 

Play around with the flowers, whether by smelling them, covering your face, putting them in your hair, or holding them with a friend. There are many options 

Vary the Lighting

Play around with the light in your images. The lighting is extremely important and can make or break your image. Good lighting can make you stand out in an image and accentuate your best features!

Natural lighting is a great option outdoors and is easy to use. You can set Lightroom Presets that highlight the natural lighting, as well.

When shooting indoors, play around with the lighting inside your home as well. Move lamps around the house or angle overlead lights in new ways. You can even use different colored lights to get exciting results.

Wear a Fun Outfit

In COVID times, it has been so much harder to have opportunities to dress up and wear your best items from your closet. Clothes allow us to express our individuality and our style. Your outfit will allow you to express yourself in your photos!

Wear outfits that make you feel good. Your confidence will radiate into your smile and you will look your best. At home, also don’t be afraid to try on a new look. An outfit out of your comfort zone is always exciting!

Make Memories

Most importantly, make sure you make fun memories while taking your photos! Photography can be a great de-stressor and is a great way to make lasting memories with your friends and family.

You will be able to enjoy looking back at these photos in the future and fondly remember the special times you spent with your loved ones. You will be grateful to have captured these experiences and be able to hold on to them forever.


Get creative with your photography skills! Don’t be afraid to play around with props, flowers, lighting, Lightroom Presets, and your outfits. Enjoy these moments and spend some quality time with the ones you love.


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Author: Payton Hoffman